hist-brewing: Yarrow and other bittering herbs

Sean Richens srichens at sprint.ca
Sat May 20 09:43:58 PDT 2000

For those who haven't tried Buckbean, I cast a vote in favour of this herb.
The flavour does not seem strange in an ordinary bitter recipe, the
bitterness loses its twang after a month in bottle, and the ale is
commercial-beer clear even when bottle carbonated.  The flavour stabilizes
in about 3 months, and there is little hint of over-aging at one year, even
with a moderate OG.  You don't have to be SCA member to get this one past
your nose.  ;-)


>     "One lets the Buckbean boil in water for a few minutes and then
> the bitter brew. Then cook the leaves for another hour in fresh water and
> strain.  Add half of this extract to the wort and boil for one hour.
Decide if
> the wort is going to be bitter enough.  If not, add from the rest of the
> Buckbean extract to the worts.  If, against expectation , the beer is not
> bitter enough add the extract a spoonful at a time to the maturing beer
when it
> is in the barrels. To one bucket (about 70 tankards of 1/2 liter each)
> loths (1 loth is about 14 grams) Buckbean are used. Before fermentation
one can
> not use such a beer, but immediatelyafter  it has fermented out is loses
> harshness.  Such beers never sours and may be kept for years and thus one
> brew in reserve, but it must ferment out."

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