hist-brewing: marshmallow & rye

Eylat Poliner allotta at earthlink.net
Sat May 20 08:38:47 PDT 2000

Mashmellow is a root spice.  The extract of which was mixed with sugar and gum
arabic to make the original taffy-like sweet.
Many speciality spice companies will carry this root.  If your in the LA area,
Herb Products in North Hollywood carries it.   I am certain that the San
Francisco Herb company will also carry it (you can mail order).
Hope this is helpful.

adam larsen wrote:

> I have question for the readership.
>     I have a Cornish recipe (circa mid 1400's) which calls for an herb,
> i assume it's an herb, called "marshmallow".  For the life of me i can't
> figure out what a "marshmallow" if anyone knows i'd be grateful.
>     Oh, by the way, perchance does anyone know a supplier of malted rye
> and/or oats?

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