hist-brewing: Yarrow and other bittering herbs

adam larsen euphonic at flash.net
Tue May 16 10:18:54 PDT 2000

Recently a post regarding the harshness of yarrow was sent to the
readership.  It has been my experience that most unhopped ales have
flavors that can become overly assertive.  I also have noted that most
old recipes call for more anti septic and bittering herbs then is
preferable to any but the rarest of modern drinkers.  I have found that
Clive La Pensee's recommendations in  "The Historical Companion to House
Brewing" regarding the use of bog bean, pages 142 & 144, can easily be
applied to any bittering  herb.  If  someone out their can't get the
book  i suppose i could post the relevant segment in this forum.

In so far as Yarrow is concerned i would suggest that one only use dried
root, not powder, in small quantities.  If your not attempting to make
an exactly accurate historical ale i'd suggest that you halve the
recommended quantities of  Yarrow, and Horehound for that matter,  found
in any old recipe you have not tried in the past.

I hope these points are of use

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