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    In a recent  post gave more information about Sykes.  The only thing i can
add is that his "Instructions for Thrifty Ale Wives" was privately published,
seemed to have had a cloth cover originally (the copy i've used was rebound)
and is 87 pages in length.   Most of the book in question doesn't deal with
brewing per say, rather, he spends considerable time giving advice on growing
gruit herbs, malt selection and milling and yeast storage.  Because these are
issues that have little interest to me I didn't bother to take notes on them.
    Suggsden's "The Curious and Quaint Ales of our Forefathers" is some what
less obscure.  According to the title page, the work was privately published in
Coalville, Leichestershire on commission of the author.  Unlike the Sykes
title,  it is hard backed, has guided edges and high quality production all
around.  Suggsden's book is 148 pages in length with several fine
illustrations.  In terms of Suggsden him self, i've absolutely no no
information other then that, judging from his introduction, he was a very
conservative Catholic.  I  had the book on loan until recently from a friend of
mine, Paul Filby so I was able to take extensive notes.
    Sorenson on the other hand I've plenty of information about is Matti
Sorenson.  He's a dear old friend of mine whose a fine antiquarian, brewer and
Gothi.  He lives in Iceland but has relatives in Gottland which he frequently
visits.  He has plenty of  very old family brewing recipes and he has been kind
enough to provide a few to me.   His old recipes (some apparently date to the
1400's), research and brewing experiments have been a big help to me.
I hope this little posting has been of use.  If you have any other questions
please feel free to drop me a line.
PBLoomis at aol.com wrote:

> Please give full bibliographic citations for Sykes, Suggsden, and Sorenson.
> Thank you,
> Scotti

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