hist-brewing: Gruit and Unhopped Ales

Wed Apr 26 07:24:08 PDT 2000

I emailed Adam Larson for more information on his posting about Gruit and Unhopped Ales and to request permission to post the whole series on the web.  Below is my email to him and his response for those that are interested in where this is going.  The complete series will be posted on the web when he is done and I will post the address here at that time.  And thanks again Adam for sharing all your research and experience.  (Greg, if you would rather post this on your server that is fine, I can just send you the completed HTML page when I am done, otherwise you can just link to it)


 Thanks for the info, and I look foreword to seeing more.  Since it seems there may be a series of these posts on there way, I was wondering if you would mind  f I combined them and posted them onto the web in the SCA Brew library http://sca_brew.homestead.com.  If Greg L. offers the same or if you post them somewhere, that would be fine to, it just would be nice to have them in one place instead of the archives.




    Off hand I don't see any reason why my posting shouldn't  also be listed with the SCA.  I would think that they might not appeal to some in the SCA because they are targeted towards the home brewer and not the antiquarian.  In any case, you have my permission to post them in full provided they are unedited and are attributed to me.
    As far as future posts are concerned my intention is to send in a new post every other day or so.   I'm looking at around 6-8 additional posts being submitted.  My next post will cover boil regimens and an introduction to gruit composition.  After that my intention is to cover miscellaneous production issues.  My remaining posts will cover individual recipes, mainlyof  English/Manx and Swedish/Gottland origins.
I'm trying to get info for some Danish and Baltic recipes as well.
    I'd be grateful if you could place my message to you along with your original communiqué on the hist-brewing daily postings.

A.J. (Adam Larsen)

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