hist-brewing: malic acid vs. acetaldehyde/"stale"/seeking publications

Wade Hutchison whutchis at bucknell.edu
Fri Apr 7 07:39:55 PDT 2000

FYI, and you probably already know this, but the rest of the list
may not, Greg has a web version of the 1736 edition of the "London
and Country Brewer" (done by Jim Liddil) posted at
Another cool web resource is "American Handy Book of the Brewing,
Malting and Auxiliary Trades " by Robert Wahl and Max Henius
Second Edition, 1902, webbed at

Hope these help.

At 07:56 PM 4/5/2000, you wrote:
><snip discussion of acetaldehyde and stale>
>In any event, I'm pretty sure it didn't mean "unpalateable."
>Another source that I believe mentions stale is the "The London
>and Country Brewer" (5th edition, published in 1744).  If anyone
>has access to this excellent publication (or any of the other
>editions, as I believe it to be a compendium of articles... different
>in each edition), I would be willing to pay you to copy it for me.
>Another publication I've been looking for is "The Brewer's Assistant"
>by G. Sleigh (Bath, 1815).  Again, I'd be willing to pay for a copy
>of this book.


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