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 >There is also a footnote that provides a couple sources for =
>the word grout, which "properly signifies ground meal or malt", but =
>appears to be a name for either grain mixed with water before it become =
>wort or the last runnings.  Other reference given are "Pegge says it is =
>only drank by poor people, who are on that account called grouters."  Once =
>again, I have no idea who this Pegge person is.

Possibly Samuel Pegge, editor of "The Forme of Cury, A Roll  of Ancient
English Cookery..." (c. 1390, published by Pegge in 1785), which, by an
amazing coincidence, I happen to have on my lap at the moment.  (I've also
webbed the whole thing as .jpg files, you can find it here:

>From his glossary:  "Grotys.  MS. Ed. H. Oat-meal Grotes, i.e. Grits."

He also has a bit about Hardicnute in his introduction, but nothing I could
find in this work about poor people called grouters.  See Pegge's
publications for the London Society of Antiquaries, c. 1780.


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