hist-brewing: green apple flavour (was:wild yeast....)

Spencer W. Thomas spencer at umich.edu
Thu Apr 6 07:10:05 PDT 2000

I think that Jeff is not claiming that the alleged homebrew "cidery" flavor is the acetaldehyde "green apple"
flavor.  Rather he is broadening the original "apple" flavor descriptor (which the original poster (Angus?)
hypothesized came from malic acid) to include "cidery" as well.

Any homebrewing book of 1980s vintage should mention the alleged connection between sugar and "cidery" flavors.

As to Belgian beers, they do not use sugar in anywhere near the high level that early homebrew recipes do.  In a
high-gravity Belgian beer, 10%-20% of the fermentables might come from sugar.  In an early homebrew recipe, 50%
of the fermentables (or sometimes even more) might come from sugar.

Regarding another post, repeating the oft-heard assertion that Budweiser is high in acetaldehyde, I have to
demur.  I have never been able to pick this flavor up in Bud, and in our tour of the Bud pilot brewery (given by
the brewers, NOT by some marketing droid) they asserted that the acetaldehyde level in Bud is quite low (less
than 4ppm as I recall).  I don't know what the taste threshhold is for acetaldehyde, so maybe this is detectable
by some people.  I've had a couple of ales (one homebrewed, one commercial) in the last year or so, which
absolutely reeked of the stuff.  (I note that the BJCP study guide says that Bud has "background levels of


Angus wrote:

> >Many home brewers have claimed for years that a high sugar wort will
> >produce a cidery beer.  Is this perhaps your source?
> <snip>
> Odd, I've never heard of this or encountered it myself.
> Has anyone had a Belgian beer with flavour/scent of green apples ?  A lot of Belgian beers have high OG's

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