hist-brewing: measurments

Badger badger at nwlink.com
Wed Apr 5 12:39:50 PDT 2000

> Well, first off they didn't measure in volume quarters, they used weight 
> quarters. Keep in mind that the method of weighing grain was spelled out in 
> the Magna Carter and the king sent weighing measures into the countryside 
> to ensure that he collected the right amount of taxes.

can you post a redux of this method or suggest a good source to look this
up? I want to have a decent method of conversion..

> Different malted grains have different specific gravities. So, a less dense 
> malt would have greater volume if we use the weight measure as the standard.
> We can, and it will turn out fine. But, if we're trying to recreate the 
> brewing techniques then we need to start with the same measuring technique. 
> BTW, I also see some problems with using modern malts in recreating this 
> receipe since they have a different proportion of proteins etc than period 
> grains.

And what would you consider as a decent match for the period grains?  I am
thinking of using belgium or german grains..  but not sure which ones to


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