hist-brewing: measurments

Eric A. Rhude ateno at panix.com
Wed Apr 5 10:14:24 PDT 2000

I have something to bounce off all of you....

We all wrassle with (well the ale brewers at least)
the idea of how many pounds of malt did they us,
'x quarters of malt makes y gallons of ale'.

Lets throw away the notion that we have to weigh
things.  They are measuring in quarters why dont we?

So to quote a recent receipt posted here earlier:

"The monks of St. Paul's Cathedral brewed 67,814 gallons
of ale using 175 quarters of Barley, 175 quarters of
wheat, and 708 quarters of oats."

Assuming 8 bushels to a peck (which is see as standard in 
earlier times, stop me if I am wrong).

1058 quarters = 8464 Bushels

a bushel is today apprx 209 litres dry measure, 
are bushels differnt now?

2454560 Litres = 2228944.05 dry quarts


2228944.05 divided by 67814 gallons = 

32.87 dry quarts / 8.22 dry gallons of malt per gallon of ale.

Now what is easier measuring exactaly x lbs y oz

or fill up your quart measurment 32 times with a bit extra..

Now my malt is about 1.05 lbs per dry quart, so
for the engineers and others out there.

7.83 lbs of malt per gallon of ale.

I have made ale with 8 lbs per gallon and it 
turns out great..

Thoughts / corrections??

I know there is a varience dependant on wet or dry malt and 
amount of swelling but we have that today anyway..
They did it that way, why dont we?

Eric Rhude


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