hist-brewing: 10th to 15th century ale recipe

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I think this satisfies your requirements. I'd really recommend you buy
either this book or Austin's _Two Fifteenth Century Cookery Books_ as you
may need the glossary.

I made this ale using extracts and it came out ok.


Hieatt, Constance and Butler, Sharon. editors and translators. _Curye on
Inglysch: English Culinary Manuscripts of the Fourteenth Century (Including
the Forme of Cury)_. Published for the Early English Text Society by Oxford
University Press. London, England 1985 ISBN 0-19-722409.

Page 149-150, IV: Forme of Cury
8	Ad faciendum brakott. Take xiiii galouns of good fyn ale that the grout
therof by twies meischid, & put it into a stonen vessel. & lete it stonde
iii daies or iiii, til it be stale. Afterward take a quart of fyn wort, half
a quart of lyf hony; & sette it ouer the fier, & lete it sethe, & skyme it
wel til it be cleer. & thut therto a penywoth of poudir of peper & I
penyworth of poudir of clowis, & sethe hem wel togethere til it boile.Take
it doun & lete it kele, & poure out the clere therof into the forseid
vessel, & the groundis theof put in into a bagge, into the forseid pot, &
stoppe it wel with a lynnen clooth that noon eir come out; & put therto newe
berm, & stoppe it iii dayes or iiii eer thou drinke therof. Put aqua ardente
it among.

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Hello all:

I am looking for a receipt for ale that
does not include hops, or a second boil.

Other spices and flavorings are ok.

I would like it to be earlier than the 1500's

Please cite the resource.

I can do the conversions and the math, just
point me in the right direction.

English, German, does not matter.

Thank you very much!!

Eric Rhude


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