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Mon Apr 3 16:44:06 PDT 2000

I think with this, all you have to do is find one or two beers that you 
particulalry enjoy, cultivate the yeast, and then use them in your beer.  
Mixing yeast is a common practice with homebrewers, each strain adding its 
own characteristics to the finished beer.

Cultivation of Wild Yeast is a little more difficult.  First, you have to 
make sure that the strain of wild yeast in your area will produced a decent 
drink.  You don't want to cultivate something that's going to sour your beer 
(unless that's what you want) or make it taste like swamp water (again, 
unless that's what you want).

If your neighborhood yeast is decent for brewing, then mix up some wort, 
allow it to sit until it ferments, and grab the little yeasties in the bottom 
for cultivation.  Voila!  you have your own strain of wild yeast.

Hope this helps.

Balthazar of Blackmoor

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