hist-brewing: Racking

Spencer W. Thomas spencer at umich.edu
Thu Mar 30 07:25:45 PST 2000

"Mills, Scott" wrote:

> The primary complication that most people worry about is Yeast Autolysis.
> This is when the yeast actually starts to feed on itself.  This
> Self-digestion and disintegration of yeast cells can cause really icky (a
> technical term) flavors and aromas sometimes described as soapy, rubbery,
> or sulfury.  Once you have tasted/smelled it you will remember it.

This happened to a recent batch.  But I just left it alone for another 6 months,
and now it's just got a nice "bready" note, similar to vintage champagne.  I
expect to continue to improve.

This is also the experience that friends have had.

=Spencer in Ann Arbor

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