hist-brewing: Gypson

Jerry Harder mastergoodwine at alltel.net
Wed Mar 29 19:12:03 PST 2000

I am working up the final stages on a all period brew I started 10 years
ago. I have one source on using calcium carbonate (chalk) for acid
reduction about 1690 and several on Gypsum in the form of a process
called plastering.  I have plenty on the modern information on the use
of calcium carbonate. It lowers TA but raises pH.  Gypsum on the other
hand, according the the jar I have says it lowers pH.  Commonly it is
used in adjusting water for brewing. Historically I think it was
associated with wines that have been made of, or have added to them,
boiled down must.  More reciently, I have only heard of it used in
Sherry and have no good books on sherry.

Does anyone know of any earlier sources using chalk.

Does anyone have any precise information on the use of gypsum or plaster
in modern wines and what it does.

Master Goodwine

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