hist-brewing: Historical Mead Recipe

Donald Beistle dbeistle at arches.uga.edu
Wed Mar 29 15:31:00 PST 2000


Many thanks for both the link to and the translation of the mead recipe.
You were uncertain about how to translate a few words, and I'd like to
offer these suggestions:

	"vensterehten" -- your conjecture "windowed" seems correct;
judging by the quantities specified in the recipe,  I think the
"vensterehten schu:ezzeln" must be a slotted sppon.

	"a half (mezzigen--measure?) pot" = "a half-quart pot" -- the
"measure" referred to in the recipe is the old German quart, whose name
comes from Latin -- as a measure of volume, "Mass" survives in Modern
German as the now-liter-sized mugs of beer swilled at the Oktoberfest,

	gesschende -- "foamy, frothy," etc. are exactly right; for what
it's worth, a literal translation would be "gushing" -- MHG gessch/ModEng
gush) come from the same root that yields  Modern Gmn. Gist/Eng. yeast

	"fresh yeast a half (nozzelin--nut sized piece)" -- a pretty vague
measurment; my only suggestion would be to note that a "small nut" (lit.
"nutling") is specified -- chestnut? acorn?, certainly not a walnut, etc.

	"(gehertztez) cask" -- I'm stumped, too; hardened? tempered? --
Perhaps one of the coopers or "real ale" advocates here have some idea how
the cask is supposed to be prepared.

All best,

Donald Beistle
Athens, GA

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