hist-brewing: How much yeast?

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Wed Mar 29 15:11:35 PST 2000

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> Hello, I am attempting the mead recipes listed in the  Knowne World 
> and I haven't a clue as to how much yeast to use. Could someone help me 
> please?
>  Thank you, Isabeau-Soffia

I have had great success using one package of Pris de Mousse champagne yeast 
when making either of the mead recipes in the KWH.  Of course, one of them 
does not require any yeast (other than wild yeasts which land on it during 
the "cooling off"period.  I believe it's the first recipe.)  I still throw a 
package of yeast in it, though, just for good measure.

Balthazar of Blackmoor

Man cannot live on bread alone... he must have beer to soak it in.

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