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Spencer W. Thomas writes:

> Thank you for the recipes.  They are fascinating.  Of course, most of the
> units are incomprehensible, so I'd have to guess at some of the

I am so very sorry, I forget that some people have email without web access
and therefore no way of getting to Master Cariadoc's useful measurement

Anonymous. _An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook of the 13th Century. A Complete
Translation by Charles Perry of the Arabic Edition of Ambrosio Huici Miranda
with the assistance of an English Translation by Elise Flemming, Stephen
Bloch, Habib ibn Al-Andalusi and Janet Hinson of the Spanish Translation by
Ambrosio Huici Miranda_. ©1992 by Charles Perry. Reprinted in A Collection
of Medieval and Renaissance Cookery Books by Friedman, David (Sir Cariadoc
of the Bow) Published privately. pages A-71 to A-78

Notes on measurement from page A-78
1 ratl = 467 grams = about a pound
1 uqiya = 39 grams, about 1.33 ounces or 7 teaspoons
1 muthqal = 5.7 grams
1 dirham = 3.9 gram or 3/4 teaspoon

I'm afraid the Spanish azumbre is unknown to me as well. I've been using a
modern quart, as that makes an "ok" beverage with either the pound of honey
or the four ounces.

> However, I don't see the point of transcribing the "long s" as an "f", as
> the excerpt below.  It is not an "f".  It was never an "f".  It is an
> alternative form for an "s", which is no longer used in Modern English.

I must beg your forgiveness again. I've been reading too much of this stuff,
and consequently no longer see that mark as an "f".


Crystal A. Isaac
"...nothing, in fact, has been left untried by man." -- Pliny the Elder,
Natural History, c. 400 CE

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> "How to make lemonade
> It is made feveral waies, according to the divtersity of the ingredients.
> For to make it with jalfomine, you muft take of it about two handful,
> it in two or three quarts of water, and there leave it for the fpace of
> eight or ten hours; then to one quart of water you fhal put fix ounces of
> fugar; thofe of orange flowers, of mufcade rofes & of gilli flowers are
> after the fame way. For to make that of lemon, take fome lemons, cut them
> and take out the juice, put it in water as above said, pare another lemon,
> cut it into flires, put it among this juice, and fome fugar

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