hist-brewing: Ancient Pyment

Dan McFeeley mcfeeley at keynet.net
Wed Mar 1 07:48:54 PST 2000

The recent issue of _Archaeology_ had a brief report on excavations by Ian
Meadows and Tony Brown showing that wine making had been practiced 1,600
years ago in the British Isles, during the Roman era, in Northamptonshire's
Nene Valley.  According to Meadows and Brown, the grapes would have been
harvested around late September, before they had fully ripened.  They were
then pressed and honey was added to add sweetness and help raise the alcohol

The report was on Roman style wine making in the British Isles, but this
is actually a pyment!  It would be interesting to know if Classical authors
such as Pliny the Elder touched on the use of honey in making pyment, or 
how long it had been made in this way.

Dan McFeeley
mcfeeley at keynet.net

Mr. Mead says "Oooh, it's so good!"

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