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Jerry Harder mastergoodwine at alltel.net
Thu Feb 24 15:22:22 PST 2000

So with all those lemons and raisins, what's the point?  Without tasting

it, It
seems like it would be a lot less work just replacing the birch sap with
little sugar in water.  I know this sounds like I am being snotty but I
mean it that way.  I'm really curious. I systematically avoid recipes
raisins because they inevitably end up with the oxidized sugar flavor
dried fruit has.  I think if I went to all that work to collect the sap,
use just sap, nutrient, acid blend or tartaric acid if necessary, and
Then I would have something that taste like the sap, however subtle,
instead of
lemons, raisins, or other fruit.

Master Goodwine

Brokk wrote:

> Birch sap has very little taste on its own so this spring I'm planning
> collect some and store in a freezer until I can get my hands on some
> currants or raspberries.
> I'll probably substitute the sugar for honey as well.   Good luck.
> Angus MacIomhair
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