hist-brewing: One cup sugar=3/4cup honey subtitution for baking

Jerry Harder mastergoodwine at alltel.net
Sat Feb 19 20:33:42 PST 2000

Renee Peterson wrote:
...my mom has a bottle of commercial honey that says "One cup sugar=3/4cup
honey."  It threw me off.

> That is, in a way also correct but in an entirely different way.  The
> subtitution is for cooking and baking and it is a rough, compromise between
> the sugar / sweetness, your tring to add and the water in the honey.  Too much
> honey makes the "batter too runny and too little makes it not sweet enough.

I belong to the Nebraska Bee Keepers Association and in order to promote their
product, they are constantly working out recipes that work well with honey.  I
might add that recipes designed for honey are really delightful but a recipe
designed for sugar with honey substituted is usually mediocre.

PS  I love the Yellow Brix Road comment.

Master Goodwine

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