hist-brewing: Honey, SG, etc.

Sean Richens srichens at sprint.ca
Thu Feb 17 16:09:13 PST 2000

Here's what strikes me as the way to deal with any sugar source of unknown
gravity:  only put 3/4 of your planned water volume and 3/4 of your planned
sugar weight into the fermenter.  Mix well, and take a specific gravity

You can then:
1)  work it out proportionally,
2)  calculate the incremental amounts of water or sugar to make the target
SG, or
3)  calculate the pts/lb/gal or whatever units you prefer, work out what you
SHOULD have added, and make up the difference with both water and sugar.


Maybe I posted the following  somewhere else.  The two websites with
information on honey, and honey for homebrewing are:

nhb.org (note no www - lots of professional stuff here)

They will give you ranges for gravity per lb, etc., and some advice which is
closer to my experience and attitude and less like what I read in a lot of
homebrewing literature.  The food science/marketing lingo is worth a
chuckle, too.

Sean Richens

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