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Wed Feb 16 11:26:49 PST 2000

Less arithmetic this time, I promise...

>So it all comes down to "Honey is 78% sugar."--am I right?

Yes and no... on average, honey is 78% sugar, but it can vary
up or down based upon flowers, seasons, humidity, drought, etc.

I prefer to buy honey in large quantities and then based upon the
SGs I get in the first batch, I know how many points-per-pound-per-gallon
I get from that honey.

I do the same for malts too, by the way, but note that you have to keep
the malt in a sealed container so it doesn't gain or lose moisture or
the yield will change.  I use 5- and 7-gallon gasketed-lid HDPE buckets.


Al Korzonas, Lockport, Illinois, USA
korz at brewinfo.org

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