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> > 1) Fermentation Problem?
> >     The 1st batch we used 2 packets of ...and one of champagne yeast.
>I am not familiar with the mead kits other than they exist. (I've been 
>making mead for 20 years without them so they pose little interest for 
>me)  I am imagining that several packets came with it and one of those was 
>the champagne yeast.  The others were probably yeast nutrient in the form 
>of diammonium phosphate and the other something like fermaid or yeast 
>hulls or some other form of additional supplement to help the fermentation.
>Normally, one package of yeast is enough for 5-6 gallons.  I usually just 
>dump the package in the carboy after the must is below 90 degrees 
>F.  Please note that this is horrendously poor yeast pitching 
>practice.  Yeast SHOULD be hydrated by putting a packet in a cup of 90 to 
>100 degree F water for 10 min or so.  Manufactures suggest the 100 d F but 
>I'm a little afraid of that high a temp.

I've had great results with two packets of champagne or wine yeast per 5 
gallons. I just let the must cool overnight, opened up the fermenter and 
sprinkled the yeast onto the surface. I've only had one batch of mead fail 
to ferment nicely with this "method" and that was an experimental batch of 
chocolate mead and that doesn't count.

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