hist-brewing: RE:Help with brix

Jerry Harder mastergoodwine at alltel.net
Tue Feb 15 13:45:32 PST 2000


So where does this 11.5 sugar = 9 honey come from?  What is the significance of
these particular numbers?

Is it simply a factored out form of:

lbs sugar in honey = .78 X lbs honey? -The .78 being the decimal equivalent of

Is there some other special significance of 11.5 and 9?

Why not 23 sugar = 18  honey or 5.75 sugar = 4.5  honey

The numbers all work out the same. The only difference is with brix people will
know what your talking about because its a standard form of measurement.

You could even say that a pound of honey has in it .78 lbs sugar and .22 lbs of

Master Goodwine

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