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Jerry Harder mastergoodwine at alltel.net
Mon Feb 14 01:31:35 PST 2000

Renee Peterson wrote:

> Please help!  I normally brew metheglins, but am attempting to delve into
> the world of melomels.  Unfortunately, I'm having a slight calculations
> problem.  If 11.5 brix of sugar is 9 brix of honey, and my calculations tell
> me I need 5 1/4 lbs of sugar, how much honey is that?  I thought it would be
> around 4.1 lbs, but my brewing mentor tells me it's much higher, around 6
> 3/4 lbs honey. How can this be?
> 11.5 / 9= 1.278, but 9 / 11.5= .75 (or there abouts.)  What's going on?
> I really hope someone can help me.  Thank you.

???? I don't understand what your saying when you say " If 11.5 brix of sugar is
9 brix of honey"

Brix is % sucrose by weight.  Honey is about 80-85 brix.  I like to use a chart
that tells me how much sugar is within a gallon especally when using honey.  So
let's say you want a recipe with 5.25 lbs sugar in a gallon.  ( that's extremely
sweet by the way) and a honey with 82 brix (pretty average  honey)

5.25 = lbh X .82  where lbh is lbs of honey so

5.25/0.82 = 6.40

The extra weight is water in the honey.

Your solution will be about  51 brix if you make a gallon so maby your making 5
gallons with a brix of 12.  Completely fermented thats about 6.6% alcohol

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