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Hi Frank
We have a line called Brewers Garden Belgium.  This is what is available:
Rose Hips
Dried Woodruff
Dried Mugwort
Dried Wormwood
Juniper Berries
Sweet Orange Peel
Dried Elderflowers
Dried Elderberries
Sweet Gale  - 2 grams - $.70
Indian Sarsaparilla
Licorice Root
Paradise Seeds
Wintergreen Leaves
Belgian Candi Sugar
Bitter Orange Peel
Cardamom Seed
Coriander Seed
Ginger Root
Vanilla Beans
Cinnamon Sticks
Star Anise
Heather Tips

Let me know if any of these might be a substitute for what you need.
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> I am trying to make a gruit ale. This beer predates hops. They used
> combinations of spices for bitters.I am looking for 3 spices. Your suppler
> D Carlson Company, 463 Portage Blvd, Kent, OH, (330) 678-7733, said he
> wholesales these spices. I should purchase them from you.
> What I need is a price for these items.
> Ledum Palustre also known as, Marsh Tea, MarshCistus, Wild Rosemary,
> Skvattram, or Getpors
> Myrica Gale also known as, Sweet Gale,Bayberry, English Bog Myrtle, Dutch
> Myrtle.
> Achillea Millefolium also known as, Yarrow, Milsfoil, Staunchweed.
> Any help will be appricated
> Frank Colombo

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