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Jaris KnytStalker jaris at linainverse.net
Wed Feb 9 15:44:50 PST 2000

I'm a new homebrewer (I've made a total of 2 batched of mead, one of which I've actuallie bottled, the other's still in the secondary fermenter...)..And I've got a couple of questions.

1) Fermentation Problem?
   For both of my batched of mead I used a mead kit I purchased on the homebrew store....and I followed the directions in it.  The 1st batch we used 2 packets of (can't remember the type of yeast) and one of champagne yeast.  (When we racked it we thought it was too sweet so the directions said to add the champagne yeast so I did) and it reallie started to ferment (lots of bubbling :) )  This batch turned out kinda dry, so I thought I wouldn't add the champagne yeast to my next batch to try to get more of a semi-sweet mead.  However, it never reallie bubbled much (if any at all I never reallie noticed much but when I'd open up the fermenter to rack, you could tell it had been fermenting).  I was woundering if this would just be because of the type of yeast, or kould it be a stuck fermentation? 

2) For my next batch I'm thinking of doing something like a vanilla metheglin....Anyone have a recipe or any ideas?

Thanx for your time and help,


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