hist-brewing: things in mead

Jerry Harder mastergoodwine at alltel.net
Wed Feb 9 13:43:41 PST 2000

Sean Richens wrote:

... mead is crystal clear, but no matter how much I rack it,
fine it, etc., it always finds something more to deposit in the next vessel.

I Know exactly what your talking about and it is by no means confined to
buckwheet honey.  I have this problem too.  It's been sugested (by the
professionals) that the pH sdjustment/sulfite regiment including also potassium
sorbate would take care of it (and change the flavor profile) but I have
purchased comercial winery meads that have done the same thing.  The comercial
ones I have are dry/11.5% alcohol and a lot less honey than most I make. Ports
do it too.  My guess is that chemical reactions occur over time causing chains
of molecules to link up into something that can settle out.  Tannin may help
these reactions along but again there is the flavor profile problem.  If you
find the awnser to this one I myself would like to know.  It is one of the
biggest "presentation" problems I antisipate when I am able to go comercial.

Master Goodwine.

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