hist-brewing: Ledum Paluster

Jerry Harder mastergoodwine at alltel.net
Wed Feb 9 12:30:30 PST 2000

For some reason, a number of old messages have been resent, and the snipped
messages may present a misleading impression.  To recap - I said that Alehoof
(which was used in some historical beer recipes) is a common backyard plant in
the midwest, and suggested the questioner should learn to identify it.  I
learned to identify it from a botanist friend, who showed me the plant.  I can't
e-mail my friend or the plant (or even a photo in the dead of winter), so what I
neglected to spell out is the suggestion for the questioner to visit a library,
ask for a book on common weeds of the American midwest, and look it up in that
way.  I did not suggest a particular book or website because I don't know any.
I am happy to share sources which I have access to, and do not mind answering
questions, but to give a specific source in this case, I would have had to spend
several hours traveling to a library and doing the research.

Other people (not me), suggested that my response was rude, unhelpful, and
required an apology.  Still others (again, not me), suggested that the
questioner was unwise for asking questions and wanted to be spoon fed.  I simply
shared what knowledge I had, which was not enough to completely answer the

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding.  I am happy to spend time generating
new research on medieval brewing technologies, and to share documentation from
my extensive collection of sources.  I encourage everyone to ask questions.  I
also hope that in the future, list members will not read negative intent into
messages.  I believe we all want to help each other.

Jerry J Harder

Steve Call wrote:

> Hear, hear! As a newcomer, with little knowledge in this area, as well as
> being in a different hemisphere, I appreciate the generousity of time and
> knowledge of the overwhelming majority of the "regulars" on this list,
> particularly with my dumb questions.
> Steve.

Plus a lot of snipped messages.

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