hist-brewing: things in mead

Sean Richens srichens at sprint.ca
Tue Feb 8 20:12:00 PST 2000

Actually, while all of the discussions about haze are interesting, in my
posting of a few days ago I may not have been clear enough about my problem.

My strong buckwheat mead is crystal clear, but no matter how much I rack it,
fine it, etc., it always finds something more to deposit in the next vessel.
It's a very loose, sludgy kind of deposit, resembling the stuff you skim off
when boiling honey.

Any ideas (apart from all the possible haze precursors that have been
discussed in this thread) on what it could be?  The mead itself is always
clear after about 6 months, and this stuff just keeps on coming out every
time it is disturbed.


Sean Richens
srichens at sprint.ca

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