hist-brewing: mead clarity

Gregory Rehm greg at turnpoint.net
Mon Feb 7 23:05:06 PST 2000

I've added orange zest in the way described, and was dissatisfied with the
results.  I thought I hit the strength of orange character I wanted right on
the nose in my pre-tasting.  After fermentation, however, the orange
character was diminished to well below what I wanted.  I had anticipated
some reduction, but not enough.  Next time, I plan on adding to the
secondary.  I could just add more to the primary, but that's hard to target
enough overhead of spice.

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> In a message dated 02/07/2000 1:39:48 PM EST, asmgooch at stratos.net writes:
> > I have always boiled my honey and have had only one problem with clarity
> > that was due to what I used in the flavoring. I have found it best to
> > and while it sits to cool I put my flavors in so as to help kill the
> > bacteria.( at least that is my way of thinking )
> >
>     That's a good point.  I've been told, when adding orange zest, to
> add wait until you rack to the secondary.  Anybody else care to comment
> on this?
>     Scotti

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