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Gregory Rehm greg at turnpoint.net
Mon Feb 7 22:59:17 PST 2000


I would say that in my brewing experiences, un-boiled must yields a finished
product with much more honey character.  Boiling, some finings, other
processes used produce a clear product don't do anything to improve the
quality of mead.  By this, I guess I am saying that I don't consider clarity
to be a relevant quality of mead.  It's clarity should be whatever it is
when it tastes wonderful.

I've made meads that ended up very clear (after a year or so) without
boiling, but I don't care that they're clear.  I'm not shooting for a
wine-like product.  Rather, I want to make a more primal and full bodied
beverage than the pale, clear, thin, and rather uninteresting stuff that is
sometimes the result of a more refined process.

I've had the most success with full flavored, dark, honeys from a variety of
floral sources and even honeydew.  If featuring fruit or spice, fireweed or
clover (which end up more clear) may be suitable, but I've been disappointed
with them.  I say "Bring on the Honey!"  I want to have the natural
character of honey in all the mead I make.  As for cloudy contributing more
complexity, the meads I've made with unboiled darker honeys end up more
cloudy and with more character.  They definitely retain more honey aroma.  I
wonder if the suspended particulates lend to a richer mouthfeel - another
important characteristic.


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In a message dated 02/06/2000 2:50:25 PM EST, greg at turnpoint.net writes:
> > When serving uninitiated
> > friends, I usually give them a clear mead first (also sparkling), since
> > they're thinking with wine mind.  Once I get them broken in, I can lay
> > stuff with character on them.
> >
>     Intriguing.  So you find the flavor more complex if cloudy, but with
> adverse side tastes??  What honey(s) are you using, and are you adding
> things as well?
>     Scotti

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