hist-brewing: Cloudy pear

Beth Ann Snead ladypeyton at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 6 08:09:32 PST 2000

I've made everything from pear wine to perry to pear
mead.  I've never cooked my pears (although I've used
canned pears in a pinch).  The only thing pears need
to fine to crystal clear is time.  I've never had a
problem it just takes twice as long.

Beth Ann Snead
Lady Lettice Peyton, Master Brewer of the East Kingdom
Brewer's Guild in the SCA

> >  Were the pears
> >  cooked or used raw?  I have a big problem
> clearing my
> >  pear wines.  I wanted to make a pear mead but
> don't
> >  want it to be cloudy.  Next fall when the pears
> come
> >  in
> >  I'm going to try NOT cooking the pears.  Does
> anyone
> >  have any comments on not cooking pears for a
> recipe of
> >  pear melomel?
> I
> Steven V. Koval
> Another thing to try is to peal the pears.  You
> won't get as much tannin
> or the same kind of flavor but pealing might avoid
> some of the pectins.
> You might also try adding pectic enzimes.  After the
> cooking and
> straining process.
> Master Goodwine

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