hist-brewing: Need some ideas

Sean Richens srichens at sprint.ca
Fri Feb 4 16:00:06 PST 2000

I've been skimming over this thread, but in Kirsty's post this caught my

> The honey itself can be a problem as mead always takes AGES to clear (2-3
> years sometimes). Racking (or from bitter experience, bottling) something
> that looks pretty clear already often makes it drop more sediment.

which is my experience with strong mead, even though I give it a quick boil
with Irish Moss.  I'll have to try egg whites, which you say...

> (works very well) but that won't get out a pectin haze - you'll need an
> pectin destroying enzyme to do that (not very historic!).

Does honey contain a lot of pectin?  I can see how it might, but then again
it might not.  I assumed the sludge which drops out of mead every time I
rack it (or bottle!) is protein, so I tried bentonite, which reduced but did
not eliminate it.  I would have thought the Irish moss, if not the boiling
would have taken care of that.  I filed the Honey Marketing folks' address
somewhere.  Maybe they have something.


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