hist-brewing: Cloudy pear

Jerry Harder mastergoodwine at alltel.net
Fri Feb 4 15:30:13 PST 2000

>  Were the pears
>  cooked or used raw?  I have a big problem clearing my
>  pear wines.  I wanted to make a pear mead but don't
>  want it to be cloudy.  Next fall when the pears come
>  in
>  I'm going to try NOT cooking the pears.  Does anyone
>  have any comments on not cooking pears for a recipe of
>  pear melomel?

Steven V. Koval

Another thing to try is to peal the pears.  You won't get as much tannin
or the same kind of flavor but pealing might avoid some of the pectins.
You might also try adding pectic enzimes.  After the cooking and
straining process.

Master Goodwine

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