hist-brewing: experiment #5 in progress

Zemetrius at aol.com Zemetrius at aol.com
Fri Feb 4 04:16:12 PST 2000

greetings, having the day off, and nothing much better to do, i decided to go 
through with the experiment to make Chocolate Kumiss, for those who do not 
know what kumiss is, i shall explain, for those who do.....you may wish to 
avert your eyes.
kumiss is a beverage that is known to the people of mongolia, and now to 
people of the sca, kumiss simply put uses fermented milk, the mongols of the 
old and new world used mares milk to make this interesting drink, since i do 
not have access to mares milk i am using regular store milk with lactose 
added to simulate mares milk, the closest description that has come to me has 
been buttermilk beer, i describe it as being similar to the taste of 
buttermilk but somewhat stronger, and it has an  alcohol bite. ok all done, 
you may resume reading for those who could not stand the description of 
kumiss, another list that i am on (sorry kes) found a good recipe for making 
kumiss, that worked really well for me, if any brave soul  out there should 
be interested in making kumiss for themselves, please contact me offlist, and 
i will help you get started. i now return you to your regular email.

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