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DonTygerTy at aol.com DonTygerTy at aol.com
Thu Feb 3 06:42:02 PST 2000

Well, since this was one of my first batches I thought that when I got a S.G. 
of 1.0, I thought the pears I had removed had absorbed all the alcohol =;)  
(Silly me) and the blending of the pears made it very hard to filter the 
mead.  I had take the Seeds, and flower end off as well.  I was told that 
Campden Tablets just sterilized.  I was basically just adding things as I 
went.  I had yet to learn a lot about brewing.  I think you could do this 
recipe in a simpler method.  I've learn much since then.  I think the 
blending of the pears did help though it was few hard to filter.  Plus when I 
added the second yeast I added about 1/2 lb. of honey as part of the yeast 

If you try this recipe let me know how it goes.

In a message dated 02/03/2000 12:49:54 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
tbray at mcn.org writes:

> I'm confused.  Where exactly did you screw up in the making?
>  Was it perhaps when you added Campden tablets along with the yeast?  Seems 
>  like you wouldn't get fermentation... but then, the SG was down to 1.0 
>  after several weeks - then you added nutrient etc. along with more yeast???
>  I'd like to try something like this next fall when the pears come on.  Can 
>  you clarify the recipe a little?
>  Thanks,
>  Tim Bray
>  Albion, CA

Steven V. Koval

"To be or Not to be...   That always confused me..."

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