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> Hello all,
>  I'm wondering if anyone has recipes for melomel that involve pears,
>  pineapple, or nectarines.....
>  Thanks in advance,
>  Stan

Here is a recipe that came out great.  My best batch yet, though I screwed up 
on the making of it so I don't know if it can be duplicated yet if anyone 
tries let me know.


15lb Honey Orange Blossom
3Tbs Vanilla
2.5 oz Crystallized Ginger
5 Gal Water
6 1/2 lbs Pears
1 Camden tablet
1 energizer tablet
1 package of Champagne yeast

Heat Honey, Vanilla, Ginger & 1gal water to boil. Skim and cool.  Heat 1 gal 
water and pears (diced) to boil then cool. Add all together with rest of 
water, yeast, and both tablets into carboy (S.G. 1.1).  Wait 2 weeks. Remove 
Pears & Ginger, Blend to a liquid add back into carboy. Wait 2 weeks.  Racked 
and strained added 5 tsp Acid blend. Wait 5 weeks.  Racked (S.G. 1.0) and 
added 1 Nutrient Tablet, 1 Energizer tablet & 1/2 package of champagne yeast 
(w/ a just a little honey) (S.G. 1.01).  Wait 4 weeks.  Then Filtered with 
Mini Bono filters.  1 course then 1 medium.  bottled and Drink. (S.G. 1.0)  
Most of it went very quickly with a lot of complements  1 1/2 gal. I was able 
to save and a year later was even better.  

This recipe is screwed up but it worked.   I have to try to do it again.

Steven V. Koval

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