hist-brewing: Beer brewing c.1640 help needed please!

Wade Hutchison whutchis at bucknell.edu
Tue Feb 1 10:24:23 PST 2000

One quick comment - in the 2nd link below (Badger's Braggot recipe),
he seems to have omitted the honey from the recipe - so if you
really want to make braggot, check the original and figure out
the amount of honey to add.
         -----Wade Hutchison

At 04:17 PM 1/31/2000 , you wrote:

>Hops were becoming common in England by this time, so any hopped ale 
>without dark or crystal malts (or just a tad of dark malt to mimic the 
>darker base  malt that was likley produced in period)should be a good 
>recipe.  Try using the procedures found in Digby (1669), an ale recipe 
>from that book can be found at 
>http://realbeer.com/spencer/Digby-recipes/recipe-96-01-23.html.  A 
>redaction of this recipe for a braggot is found at 
>Nate  (Nathi)


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