hist-brewing: Kefir

JazzboBob at aol.com JazzboBob at aol.com
Mon Jan 31 08:08:33 PST 2000

I have made KEFIR on many occasions.  It's a cultured dairy drink very 
similar to buttermilk and yogurt.  It reminds me a bit of the Indian drink - 
Lassi. It's even easier to make then yogurt since the culture works at room 
temperature.  I simply bring milk up to a boil and allow it to cool back to 
room temperature and pitch the culture.  It takes about 2 days to turn the 
milk into Kefir.  The longer it sits, the stronger and tarter it gets. 
Powdered cultures are available or you can repitch from your own starter once 
the process is started.  I have a very old culture brought back from Germany. 
 Commercial Keffir is available from Health food stores.  It sometimes comes 
in strawberry, raspberry, and vanilla flavors.
Bob Grossman

 You take two tsps of the kefir and but in in an airtight jar with 4 halves 
 lemon, 1 liter water and any kind of dried fruit you prefer and let it sit 
 for two days. Then remove the lemons, dried fruit and kefire, put it in a 
 bottle and tada... You have Kefire juice. 

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