hist-brewing: gruit herbs

Tom Stevenson tsteve at eclipse.net
Fri Jan 28 15:43:49 PST 2000

Several people have asked for my source of gruit herbs.  Here's what I can offer:

Yarrow is available from a number of herb dealers.  I use Living Well Naturally in Sacramento, CA.
Sweet gale and wild rosemary are sold by LD Carlson, but I think they are wholesale only.  You have to go through your local homebrew store.
Another source of wild rosemary is Taiga Herbs at farm-online.com. They sell Ledum groenlandicum, which most authorities regard as a variety of Ledum palustre.
Please note: wild (or bog) rosemary (Ledum palustre) is not the same as culinary rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis).
_Tom Stevenson
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