hist-brewing: Hydrometers / iodized salt

John Purdy John_Purdy at Jabil.com
Fri Jan 28 08:02:49 PST 2000

Someone wrote : 

<<<I still don't have access to fresh-laid eggs for that function, otherwise
I'd volunteer. 

Anybody live near a University that does a lot of poultry research?  
Sometimes faculty can be talked into such things.>>>

We're still overlooking the fact that many eggs of the time were not chicken
eggs.  The reproduced recipe in (I think) Making Mead refers to "...add
honey until the smallest egg just floats..."  When re-creating it they said
they used a quail egg and it took about 5 ½ lbs per gallon.  Quite a bit
more than most of us would find pleasurable.  So maybe somebody out there
has a bird, a macaw or cockatoo or something, that lays unfertilized eggs
routinely and would do study for us and chart the density required to float
the egg on one axis and the age of the egg on another.

Just more ideas for the fire,

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