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> > A sacred potion made of barley and mint and called the kykeon. The
> > possible psychoactive ingredients in kykeon have been hotly 
> debated. It
> > has been suggested that the mint in the mixture might have 
> provided the
> > mind-altering element as the mint family contains the plant Salvia
> > divinorum, used by the Mazatec Indians of Mexico in a divinatory
> > context. Terence McKenna has suggested that Stropharia cubensis, or
> > another psilocybin- containing mushroom, might be the key.
> Has anyone suggested the possibility that it might be a 
> result of fasting,
> followed by imbibing alcohol in a darkened room, accompanied 
> with physical
> exertion (dance) and chanting?  It's a very simple way to induce all 
> manner of altered mental states, including hallucination.

Well I've not eaten a great deal today. Sounds a great recipe for a fun
Friday night!!!!

Everybody have a good one.


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