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Here is one we DEFINATELY have (and I know I speak for a few of us here): Where did you get the ingredients???
I have searched high and low and then high again!  Please, please help!

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  Forum members might be interested to know that Triumph Brewing Company of Princeton, NJ has brewed a product called Gothic Ale which is an ale bittered and flavored with a blend of gruit herbs.  Wild rosemary, sweet gale, and yarrow were used, along with a small quantity of hops, to make this brownish ale.  Gothic Ale will be served at cellar temperature without artificial carbonation.  Available only at TBC, 138 Nassau St., Princeton.  Does any one know of any other commercially produced gruit ale?
  I am the brewer and I will be happy to answer any questions anyone may have.
  -Tom Stevenson
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