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From: "John Purdy" <John_Purdy at Jabil.com>

> Richard considers : 
> <<<But I am curious as to whether lysergic acid could have even withstood
> the brewing process. >>>

> Boiling is a process commonly used to extract these acids where naturally
> occurring.  (Talking seeds again, or basically any psychotropic plant life.)

Hmm, I had  always learned that heat destroyed Lysergic Acid, but you may be right.  I wonder where someone could find information about this as specific as that.  It woudl certainly lead to a clue as to whether it did exist in ancient brews.

> <<<It also seems to suggest a reason for drinking beer before major
> battles >>>
> Military tests???

Naah, sheer bravery by divinity!
> <<<and this draws a parallel to the consumption of unleavened bread at the
> last supper. >>>
> Religious sacraments???

The play "Jesus Christ Superstar" suggests this following some interesting research at the time about psychotropics being used as sacrements.  Afterall, wasn't this Leary's sacrament?  Wouldn't you call his "movement" religous?  Shamans of many, many cultures utilized psychotropics.  But if it were true that the signifigance of the unleavened bread was the sacrement of the lysergic acid, then this would seem to suggest that the beer of the time did not contain lysergic acid, becuase they drank wine at the last supper instead of increasing the lysergic acid dosage with a beer.
> This is getting deep.
> <<< In the words of Spock, "Fascinating." >>>

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