hist-brewing: wanted: medieval Englishwomen's ale recipes

T Weymann tweymann at email.msn.com
Tue Jan 11 18:43:05 PST 2000

For a fast-upcoming article to be published in Great Lakes Brewing News, I need a VERY SHORT (100 words max.) recipe from a medieval English woman brewer.  For space reasone, I cannot include your more detailed source information in my article, but will make that available as an electronic addendum or link to my piece.
To Paul Placeway:  You have info I can use.  May I get your permission to (a) use/abbreviate/retrofit a recipe you list in "Recreating Medieval English Ales" (with attribution, of course) and/or list your site in an electronic bibliography?
Good brewing to all,
Tina Weymann, Writer
Great Lakes Brewing News
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