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> Any good suggestions on what to do with 100 bananas I seem to 
> have come into
> possession of?  I made a sugar syrup, and soaked about 20 
> bananas (2 batches
> of ten) cut into 1/4" slices, and am drying the slices.  The 
> sugar syrup has a
> remarkable banana taste now.  I was thinking of diluting it 
> to 1.10 or so, and
> fermenting it with an ale yeast.  Should I add more sliced 
> bananas to the
> fermenter?  Cooked or not?
> Buhner has a banana "beer" recipe in his Sacred and Herbal 
> beers book, but it
> sounds a bit unplalatable.

Bananas are the one fruit apart from grapes that have enough sugar on their
own to make wine with. I'd go for a mead or wine rather than a beer,
definitely. I'd be tempted to leave it quite sweet, though, which does mean
extra sugar/honey. I would say also don't put bananas in - they will make a
terrible mush and be difficult to rack. I recall seeing a recipe where you
boil them up them use just the 'stock' rather like you'd do with carrots or

I did some tropical fruit from an SG of 1.1 and got a final of 996, but it
tasted sweeter than that. Was pretty potent stuff as well...


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