hist-brewing: peach recipies?

Jerry Harder mastergoodwine at alltel.net
Mon Jan 10 15:00:20 PST 2000

Adelheid of the pond wrote:

> hello, i have an abundance of peaches at the moment
> and i was wondering if anyone has any recipies for
> peaches, preferably wine or mead, but anything would
> be greatly appreciated!
> Adelheid
> __________

Anywhere from about 3lb (more modern) to 6lbs (more 1600 ish) peaches fruit to a
gallon.  Bring sugar content to desired level using hydrometer.  Some numbers
for a recipe for 5 gallons I made in 1983 derived from one written down by
Elinor Fettaplace in about 1609 is as follows:NOTE ( Hillory Sperling wrote a
book on E.F's recipes called Elinor Fettaplace's Receipt Book E.F. was
apparently a relative)

37 lbs peaches
18 lbs sugar
18 quart water

SG before adding yeast 2/1/93:  1.1325
pH 4.28
Titration .86% tartaric

10/29/94:Final SG 1.048
Alcohol: 11.2%
Residual sugar 12%

I just checked the SG on a bottle I have open and it's right.  Technically it is
a stuck ferment, but it's been stable for 6 years (and 3 or 4 moves) It's very
sweet but not nearly as sweet as you would think by the numbers.

Now here is the important thing.

Elinaor back in 1609 said to, and I didn't because my mother processed them for
me and froze them in order to transport them a five hour trip from Indiana to
St. Louis where I lived at the time.  The skins add phenolics that give the wine
a Band-Aid like flavor and smell.

This weekend I had the opportunity to taste a similar wine with 4.5 lbs peaches
per gallon ,both drier and thinner.  The peaches were not peeled.  This wine had
the same problem but proportionately less intense according to the amount of
peaches.  I found the same to be true of a commercially made wine with 50% honey
30% peaches and 20% raspberries, where the phenolic flavor was very light.  I
suspect that they too were unpeeled.

I have long ago tasted a peach wine without this flavor.  It was absolutely
heavenly,  so I know  it can be done.

Master Goodwine

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