hist-brewing: Gruit Ingredients found (2/3 ain't bad!)

John Purdy John_Purdy at Jabil.com
Mon Jan 10 12:10:51 PST 2000

<<<Neither of these is the morning glory that contains lysergic acid.  Or am
I wrong?  My understanding is that morning glory in beer causes sever
diarrhea and that is why it was never historically used.  Is this

Just being facetious, my man.  The stuff I had seen, when I was interested
in that sort of thing, had never mentioned anything about different species
of morning glories.  Just that the seeds contain the acid, much like
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, and that seed distributors routinely sprayed a
poison on the seeds in a fascistic attempt to prevent people from
experimenting.  One of the effects of this poison is severe diarrhea.  That
is why people who wanted to experiment were informed to find a bulk
distributor.  I had no idea they would ever show up on a list of herbs meant
for ingestion.


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