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<< Re: hist-brewing: peach recipes? >>

I have made a delicious Peach Mead by adding 15 # chopped peaches to a mead 
must made from 15# clover honey brought to a boil in 4 gallons of water.  I 
only boil for 1 -2 minutes which is just enough time to skim the dirt out of 
the honey.  I then cool the must to 160 degrees F. and put the peaches into 
it to steep and pasteurize for 20 min.  IMO, I never sulfite.  Then cool, 
airate, put into a sanitized fermentor and pitch yeast.
I have some large mouthed Pyrex Carboys that allow me to use whole pieces and 
do great fruit fermentation's in glass.  Most of the fruit will settle out 
after the fermentation is finished although some will remain floating. To 
rack off the sediment, a good technique is to boil clean a new SS or Copper 
Bushy Wire Scrubbing Pad.  Put this over the end of your racking tube and it 
will act as a filter to avoid getting fruit stuck in the racking tube. 
Bob Grossman

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